Monday, June 15, 2015

Thumbs Up for Cherries!

On the Seventh Day, we picked cherries.

Sour cherries. From trees that poked in our faces and left bruises on my back.

What's not to love?

The four of us innocently picked as many as we could reach. After all, none of our bins had actually reached "full" status.

Everyone is happy...

Because the cherries are clearly ready to be picked....

See what I mean by "not full" status...

And here.

After getting the goods back to the house, we realized that we actually did pick quite a few (the actual weight is estimated at 30-40 lbs.) 

The real fun began afterwards when we began the pitting process, probably only making it through 1/4 the way through before calling it a day. A majority of those were frozen and a select few made it into a cherry cobbler for the evening. 

There are no photos from the pitting process as our hands were stained with red cherry juice and the cobbler simply didn't last enough for a full photo shoot. But I'm sure there will be other opportunities. 

Now we need to figure out how to use them all! I've come across a recipe for cherry lemonade, sour cherry salsa and of course, cobblers, pies, scones and other baked goods. 

What's your favorite way to use sour cherries?